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“What’s the sitch, Wade?”  Kim asked as she brushed out her long wavy red hair and checking out her makeup in the mirror mounted on her locker door.  She kept one eye on the computer set up inside her locker.  Wade the boy genius who ran her website and invented a lot of the gizmos she used in her crime fighting. 

Wade stopped to take in the eighteen-year-old beauty.  Over the last year Kin had developed a full richer body, which include a more than ample bosom and the most amazing ass. The long flowing red hair and the tight cheerleader uniform complet the male fantasy.  Wade was now sixteen and had begun to notice what a hot babe Kim was.   He pushed aside the image of Kim naked.

“Kim, this isn’t about a mission.”  Wade said as he pounded on the keys.  “More of warning.”

“What going on Wade?”

“There appears to be a new villain running around the country.”

“Another one?”

“Kim, this guy is nothing like your other villains.   This guy knows his stuff and is a real crook.”

“A real crook?”

“He is smart and crafty.  Plus this guy is sort of a combination porn dealer and white slaver.”

“How can you be sort of?”Continue reading

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When Drakken is not around Shego and Kim are turn into loving lesbian… but Drakken know it and likes to watch it!

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horny Kim possible is getting licked by Ron Stoppable and Rufus.

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best fucking picture ever kim with her nice pointy tits just waiting to be fucked by ron

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How about some gymnastic with nude Kim Possible?

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Kim had found her bliss. To be tied up and left helpless as a living porn doll for all to see and use!

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kim possible in bondage in a nice suit on a footstool like the pampered whore she is

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Naked Kim Possible shows her pussy at the classroom!

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Kim fucks her victim with a strap-on!

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Kim Possible works in a stiptease bar!

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